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Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls:
They're Rockin' It Year Round!

The Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls is a highly popular resort, custom made for kids.   This kid-friendly hotel is a top choice for families looking to spend a vacation in the Niagara area, and take in all the sights and sounds of this famed holiday getaway spot!

This fun, family hotel in Niagara Falls Ontario, is a big attraction in itself, being home to a gigantic indoor water park and the only all inclusive resort in the Falls area.

There's everything you'll need for a weekend getaway vacation at the Lodge, without ever leaving....... indoor pool, water park, restaurant, coffee shop... ideal for a young family. It's a perfect choice for any season of the year. All conveniences are under ONE ROOF.

This cool 'family-friendly' spot, has all the right stuff for a fun vacation with kids during any season. 

With it's indoor facilities, complete from pools, to water slides, to arcade, to dining, snack bars, and resort provided entertainment, Mom and Dad can also look forward to a 'little less stress', without extra worries, at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls.

4 Reasons to Love Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

There's lots to get excited about at the lodge, but these are some of the features, we liked best about it:

  • Spacious: The Lodge is very large and accommodates lots of guests. But even at full capacity, it never feels crowded as the hotel is so spacious, with nice high ceilings in nearly every room and the lobby, too.
  • Convenient: The convenience is awesome, to be able to just wander down to the water park with your kids in tow, not worrying about crossing streets, or putting on coats for outdoor travel for entertainment. When the kids want a change of pace from the water park, the arcade is just 20' away.
  • Great Food: Starting the day with a superb breakfast is a 'huge perk', too. There's lots and lots of choice at the buffet, so even the picky eaters in the group can find something to their liking!
  • Excellent Value: The all-inclusive is a great choice and gives a nice savings for those who wish to dine at the lodge, and spend the majority of their stay indoors.

Cool Rooms and Suites, With 'Kid Appeal'

Sign for Kid Friendly Hotel Niagara Falls Ontario

There are a wide variety of suites available which sleep from about 4-8 people. Themed suites are an 'upgrade', which feature cabin and tent settings, to create a 'camping' setting for fun and adventure for the kids! It's a real treat and a thrill for the young ones to pretend they are camping out in the wilderness.

Suites with cozy fireplaces and a loft are also available, for extra space and comfort.

Things to do at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

Pool at Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge

The Waterpark -- One great feature of this Niagara family resort, is the inclusion of a complimentary pass to the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park. No extra charges, make it so much easier to budget for a family vacation.

The very spacious, indoor waterpark has a good variety of activity areas, suitable for all ages. Kids will never get bored with so much fun and cool activities to do..... waterslides, a wave pool, water basketball, tubing, hot tubs, just to name a few.

Pool at Great Wolf Lodge

There's plenty of exciting challenges with high speed water slides, to impress even the hard-to-please teens!

The Arcade --  The Northern Lights Game Arcade is located directly across the hall from the indoor water park.  Loads of games and entertainment for younger children and teens too.

Extra Perks at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

  • Evening bed-time story @ 8pm
  • Nature hike (indoors!)
  • Day care available 
  • Coffee shop for early morning coffee for Moms and Dads

  • Outdoor mini-golf
  • Spa packages for kids
  • Birthday parties hosted

I especially liked the variety of spots to visit for snacks and dining at the Lodge.  The snack bars are open for treats after a great evening of fun at the water park or playing at the arcade. Everything isn't closed down at 6pm!

All-Inclusive: Awesome Choice for Families and Groups

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Lobby

Packages including meals and accommodation are a win-win for everyone!

It's so much easier to budget for a family vacation, knowing what the food costs will be.

When booking a stay, be sure to ask about the various packages available which include meals.

It can be a fantastic savings for large groups and families. Packages can be purchased with only breakfast buffet included, or all 3 meals.

The food at the 'Antler Shanty Grub' Restaurant was excellent. Everything was fresh, and the buffet was re-stocked with food regularly.

Even when the restaurant was rather busy, the quality of the meal was still maintained. Great 'made to order' breakfast dishes are available as well.

The Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls is a long-standing favorite of families throughout Canada and the U.S. and this Niagara location, truly ranks as one of the best family resorts for fun in Ontario.

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